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What if it all started by listening to your body?

I want to know more

How can I help you?

Do you suffer from a chronic pain or disease?

Have you tried everything, in vain, and no longer know where to turn to get better?

Do you sometimes experience mental health disorders?

Depression, burnout, illness, death, divorce, fertility problems, baby blues, post trauma.

Are you going through a tough time?

Insomnia, fears/phobias, weariness, stress, anxiety.

You are you going through a big change/transition in your life

Certain phases of life are more or less easy to navigate (birth, teenage years, marriage, moving, pregnancy, menopause, change of career/profession) and external help can be life-saving for maintaining mental and emotional health .

Do you have recurring physical pains?

Back pain, neck pain, headaches, pain following an accident or traumatic event (from the most recent to the oldest), pain following sports practice.

You already look after yourself and want to support your body and your energy in a preventive way?

Chinese médecine is before all a preventive medicine and supporting your body and energy in a recurring manner is the key to sustainable health and wellbeing.

Energy Management and Healing by Marie

What if everything around us was made of energy? What if all material things, and all living beings were made of energy? And what if all our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and even our attitudes were made of scintillating energy?

Albert Einstein once said ‚Äúeverything in life is vibration‚ÄĚ, and according to quantum physics every atom, molecule, cell, tissue and body system is composed of energy that when superimposed on each other create what is known as the human energy field. This human energy field will then be interconnected with other human beings energy fields but also in connection with the all the livings, non-living energy fields, and to a greater extent the cosmos energy field.

So how does energy healing work? Energy healing is a holistic practice, meaning it aims at treating a patient as a whole. The idea is to take into account all factors such as the mental state, the physical state, and the emotional state of the patient, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

During the energy healing session, I will look at the flow of the universal energy in the body of the patient with the aim to bring back balance, remove blockage, bring back harmony and vitality.  Energy healing will help in the reduction of physical and emotional traumas and restore well-being.

My offering

 In person Energy Healing

Gentle manual therapy which, through its energetic and osteo-articular treatment protocol, restores joint mobility, relaxes tissues and gently restores energy balance. Beyond the symptom, the goal is to go back to the origin of the physical, energetic and emotional disorders which disrupt the alignment of the being, its  emotional well-being and overall health.

Sessions carried out in the office in Uccle.

Distant Energy Healing

Quantum physics and ancestral beliefs (Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine) come together on the principle that our body is a vibrational and energetic field made up of billions of particles of light ‚Äď photons ‚Äď which constantly exchange information (via scalar waves). Energy treatment allows the practitioner to enter into communication with the informational field of the individual to dissolve blockages, traumas, physical disorders, and alleviate emotional burdens.

Energy healing sessions are conducted remotely.


In person or remote workshops to discover the power of reconnecting to your body, mind and soul.

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My name is Marie,

Passionate about personal development and alternative medicine, I have the deep conviction that we all have infinite strength within us. I am driven by the deep desire to support my patients on this wonderful path of reconnecting  to oneself by learning to listen to your body.  

We are all the producer, director,  actor and creator of everything we experience in life.

By listening to ourselves and knowing ourselves better, sometimes with professional outside help, we can transform and transcend our lives!

This is the experience of my life path and his is the support that I offer you to experience.

My role as an energy healer

I see my sessions as a pause, a gift  we give to ourselves in the frenzy of our lives. A  moment out of time, where we allow ourselves to really listen to that inner guidance. This small voice within us that knows what we really need in order to enable our bodies and minds to heal.  

The in-person or distant energy healing sessions that I offer  allow a release of tensions and a long lasting re-balance of your physical, mental and emotional states.

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